Jodi DeLong – A National Treasure!

Jodi DeLong – A National Treasure!Jodi DeLong

Springvale Nurseries and me personally are very fortunate to have Jodi as a friend.  If you don’t know Jodi personally she is an amazing source of knowledge about everything plant and garden related. She is  and and she is a feisty lady who tells it like she sees it.

She is also recognized as Atlantic Canada’s premier gardening writer contributing regularly to ‘The Herald”  “Saltscapes” and other publications.

Among other things, Jodi has been a tireless crusader for the “Buy Local” movement and recognizes that our economy only thrives to the extent that local businesses succeed.

Jodi has also suffered personal tragedy with the loss of the love of her life, Lowell Huntley last winter from a massive coronary.  Lowell was a kind and gentle man who would and did help anyone.  He was taken far too soon.  And Jodi…brave soul that she is continues to move forward, the only thing she can do.  She is tough and she is tender and now has to learn to live without her soul mate.

Today  (June 16th, 2012) Jodi will be with us from 1:00 – 3:00 to talk about “How to Extend the Bloom Season”.  This is a “Walk N Talk” presentation but I understand her legs are bothering her so it may be “Sit n Talk” ! 

We are thrilled to have her coming as part of our 25th Anniversary Sale and Celebration”.  Join us today and have a great filling of Jodi’s wit and wisdom and also “Let them Eat Cake”!  Because…we will have some!

I also want to mention that Jodi’s new book is available at Springvale Nurseries and I expect she would autograph your copy!  (As long as you don’t piss her off!) hehe!

Paul H Grimm

Springvale 8-Pac True Bloom RosesPS:  Today we are also “launching” our new product “Springvale True Bloom 8-Pac Roses” .  These are our tissue cultured roses in a smaller, economical size so that you can buy and plant many of them and today at a great introductory price of $9.99.


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