“When All Is Said and Done” – “The Truth Shall Set You Free”

“When All Is Said and Done” –

“The Truth Shall Set You Free”

Paul and Nancy Grimm - Owners of Springvle Nurseries

Nancy and Paul Grimm

At least I hope so!

So what is the truth I am referring to?

The truth is…the time has come for us (Nancy and Me) to reduce our load and live a less strenuous life.

I always loved “The Beatles” and particularly “When I’m Sixty-Four”.  For one thing, this song works for a Barbershop  Quartet and that is one of my passions.

Well guess what!….Next week “I is 64”!

It always seemed a long way off…but now it is here.

So in honor of my impending birthday and this great song, and our 25th Anniversary….

Announcing…(drum roll please)….

Springvale Nurseries is For Sale

It’s time!

I am losing my steam and therefore it is time for new owners with youth and ambition.

Nancy would appreciate more time to do things with me and with our Kids and Grandkids (and less of me tied in knots over business) and I’d like to do more singing and go fishin’ with my grandkids.

So here is the deal.

A friend of mine once said, matter of factly;

“When All is Said and done,

There’s nothing left to Say,

And Nothing Left to Do”

That’s kinda what I call a “BFO” (A Blinding Flash of the Obvious)!

Another way of saying this is:

“When You’ve Done All You Can, There is Nothing More You Can do”.

And the truth is, I have done all I can, I take pride in the fact that I always have.   And now I have to face the fact that I can no longer do this.  Therefore….

We are seriously looking for a buyer and here is what we are offering for sale.

  1.        Springvale Nurseries Headquarters Location – 4796 Highway 221, Berwick.  This is a prime piece of valley real estate with the nursery container yard, the warehouse and offices, the shipping area and about 50 acres of excellent valley land with orchard, pond and a brook running through it.  Bottom line, it is an awesome property and ready for a new owner.  There is enough land to expand the container production, retail area, etc, etc, etc.  (And a beautiful spot to build a house!)
  2.        All of our container stock plus the back-up propagation for the next crop. 
  3.        Springvale “True Bloom Roses”.  We have developed a tissue culture operation to produce roses on their own roots and a new product line which could be an international success with the right market development, managed by someone with some working capital and a lot of ambition who wants to take over the world.  (That used to be me….but now it’s time for a new horse in the race)
  4.        Production equipment, cold storages and basically everything you need to get going. 
  5.        And… we have an awesome staff who has learned their trade at Springvale. 


And there is more including some new and outstanding opportunities.   Come talk to me!

We have developed a new and exciting business opportunity that I am not able to pursue alone.  It needs someone with both capital and ambition.  And I am available as a mentor.

No “tire kickers” please, we are looking for serious inquiries.  If you have the means and the motivation, this is one outstanding opportunity.  I haven’t got the time or patience for anyone without a sincere interest. This is a million $ plus opportunity for the right person.

Me?…I’d like for a few years to continue where I started, growing trees for the landscape market.  Sooner or later I will need to sell this too but for now, we still need an income and I still want to do this.

But for now…we must either sell this “package” to the right person or we must close and just stop.  Because….I can’t do this anymore, at least not alone!

Are you the one?

Call me!

Paul H Grimm,

PS:  In the meantime, we are offering to our public one helluva a sale.  All container stock at Springvale Garden Center is 25%, 50% and 75% off. 


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