So What’s With the Closing Out Sale?…Haven’t We Done This Already?

So What’s With the Closing Out Sale?…Haven’t We Done This Already?

Two years ago we held a “Going Out of Business Sale” for Springvale Garden Center


Springvale True Bloom 8-Pac Roses

Springvale True Bloom 8-Pac Roses

then….we didn’t close our garden center!?!


Some folks said it was just a publicity stunt.

I can assure you, nothing was further from the truth.  We had run out of cash, the lifeblood of all businesses.  At that time, your huge patronage of this sale saved our corporate ass.  And….combined with a couple other opportunities that came our way that year, we were able to continue with our business in its present form.

Unfortunately for us it has become abundantly clear to us that our present business model is not working.

The time has come for us to make some serious changes to Springvale Nurseries “Business Model” in order for it to continue into the future as a perpetual company.

The changing marketplace no longer has a place for us in what we have traditionally done as a business.  Some things are working for Springvale and some are not.  Have we made some tactical and strategic errors?



We need to do more of what is working and stop doing what is not working! It’s not rocket science. There are some outstanding opportunities for the Springvale of the future; particularly in the development of our tissue culture rose product and our large tree business, and a few other ideas that show promise.

What is not working for us is our ‘traditional” container production operation and our retail store.  Unfortunately both of these enterprises require consistently about ten times the annual sales volume to be profitable.  And….they consume huge amounts of cash in production inputs and labor.

SIDEBAR:  Not sure if this matters to you but I believe in explaining the reasons why we do the things we do!  That way you will better understand our moves.    

We know how to produce these plants and do it well however, the market that was once our mainstay has simply disappeared.  Many, many small garden centers have closed and the market is now dominated by the ‘Big Box Stores” who purchase goods from outside of the region and rarely patronize local vendors and growers.

This is sad, but the “Buy Local” fad is not what it seems.  What it really means is “Buy Local” if it is cheaper than the chains, and for the independent grower this is not possible in our climate.  The other sad part is that in many cases the consumer is being ripped off by purchasing plants grown in much milder climates than ours and these do not perform well in our region.

A shrub whose origin is California is not going to grow in Nova Scotia in most cases.  My opinion….but I have seen this consistently.

So in order to facilitate the move to our new business model we have to sell a huge quantity of our container grown plants.

This is where you come in! (Yes…Please come in! And…bring all your friends!)

Please come and buy our plants!  We need to clean house.  The product is great and it is hardy for the region and our prices are dirt cheap for the duration of this sale.  All container stock is being sold at 25%, 50%, or 75% off.


The biggest we have ever held.  The purpose of the sale is to generate cash and reduce inventory to a minimum.  Cash is required to move to the next phases of our development.



“So…are we trying to sell a business that no longer works to someone stupider than us?” 

Hell no….there is an outstanding opportunity for a new owner to develop our proprietary tissue culture rose business into a huge and viable enterprise.  We have the facilities, the right climate, and the scientific developments to help a new owner succeed in this venture.

In fact, I am willing to remain part of this during its development period.  The will be an “Exit Date” for us but a new owner will gain the benefit of our 25 years of experience and have full access to our research and proprietary protocols for the development of the rose products.  And…a market of 200,000,000 people within 2 days transport of Berwick! 


This has the potential to be a multimillion $ business based on local markets and export markets as well.

I look forward to talking to you about it if you have the interest.   Please don’t waste my time if you do not have the interest or the means.  We are looking for serious buyers or investors only.

I fully believe that there is also the opportunity to rebuild the garden center concept on a slightly different model as well.  The challenge is getting the traffic and differentiating from the chain stores.  I’d love to discuss this with you!

In the mean time, come and take advantage of the incredible values that are being offered at the garden center!  Right now!  And tell all your friends as well!

Paul H Grimm,

Commander in chief!

PS:  Springvale fully intends to stay in business for the long term growing trees and roses and a few other items as well!


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