HRM Plans to Increase Its Tree Purchasing and Installation

HRM Plans to Increase Its Tree Purchasing and Installation

In a recent news article in the Herald it was announced the HRM is going to be increasing its tree purchasing and installation as part of its “HRM – Urban Forest Master Plan”.  This is good news for Springvale Nurseries and other local growers!  See an excerpt from the article below:

“There are about 160,000 trees lining the serviced streets of Halifax Regional Municipality. But there are 90,000 more spots where trees once were or could be.

And the city is losing trees to illness and old age faster than it’s planting new ones.

A group of HRM staff and Dalhousie researchers are imagining a Halifax with a lot more leafy cover than it has now, and their years of research have finally grown into a concrete plan that they are nearly ready to submit to regional council.

“If you start to add up all of the benefits you get from each tree you have in the city, you’d be astonished. You’d wonder why we wouldn’t have more trees,” said Peter Duinker, a Dalhousie forestry professor who’s leading the school’s work on HRM’s Urban Forest Master Plan.

“Every tree, as long as it’s not in a really bad location, like its roots are clogging up some pipes every tree is providing such an amazing array of benefits,” he said.

They shade cars, sidewalks and houses, lowering energy costs. Their canopies hold a considerable amount of water during rainstorms, allowing it to evaporate without hitting the ground and relieving pressure on the sewage treatment system.

Trees are a surefire hit on front lawns and raise property values — and tax revenues — just with their picturesque existence, said Duinker.

Knowing that, his team has documented certain parts of the municipality that are without their fair share of trees.”  (To read the entire article please click here!)

Springvale Nurseries hopes and intends to be a significant player in the production and supply of locally grown trees for HRM.  As one of the closest major nurseries to the municipality it only makes economic and environmental sense that trees grown from native sources and produced here in the Valley will be best suited to planting in Halifax, an hour away. In addition to Springvale there are also a number of other local growers who can both benefit from and contribute to this expansion in the urban forests of HRM.
In recent discussions with senior staff of HRM it appears that the next step and hopefully not a roadblock in implementing the Urban Forests Master Plan is approval by HRM council.  Only then can funding and implementation of the plan commence.

Our intentions are to work closely with the folks in HRM to make this a reality.  All of Nova Scotia will benefit from the planting of trees produced in this region.  It helps to ensure that local tax dollars stay here and supports local jobs and home grown  industry as well.

Paul H Grimm,



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