The Only Constant is Change!

One thing we have learned in life and business is to expect change. And though some change is good it also can test our strength and resolve!

At Springvale over the past few years we have seen profound changes in the market place for plants in the region.   Like it or not, the chain stores have taken over much of the business that use to belong to smaller, family owned and operated businesses who were all locally based.

Some of these have made the necessary changes in their ‘business model” to survive while other have simply folded tent and given up the business.   In my opinion this is sad because these smaller local businesses have been the fabric of our communities and are now being replaced by yet another Wal-Mart, Superstore or Canadian Tire.

It is a free market and they have the right to exist, just as we do, but the sad part is the absolute loss of the locals and the knowledge and expertise they provided.

We at Springvale are changing too because these businesses were our customers and many of them no longer exist.

Here is what to expect from us this coming season and hopefully for many years to come!

  1. Large Tree Production:  We will continue to specialize in large tree production and installation.  Our large trees range from 2” caliper to 12” caliper and from 10 ft. to 30 ft. in some cases.   With over 30,000 trees in production we are able to supply nearly any tree planting job in the region.  We do not always have every species and cultivar but always have something that will make a very good substitute.
  2. Native Plants of the Region: We are increasing our focus on native plants that have local origin.  These are ‘True Natives”   Not “so called” natives imported from Ontario or worse, Oregon.  We start our plants from local seed sources, cuttings and tissue culture and are building our specialized ability to address site restoration projects using native plants and well as the growing retail and commercial demand for native plants.
  3. Container Production:  We still supply a limited line of Hardy shrubs and roses grown from our own seedling and Tissue culture processes as well as a variety of native container plants and some non-natives but still produced here on our farms.  They are available for wholesale supply to the industry and can be purchased at our retail garden center.  Our hope was to close this at the end of last season but we still have a large quantity of plants remaining and therefore we are pleased to announce that our Garden Center is now open for the season or as long as our product lasts.

These are all positive changes for our company’s future and we embrace them with passion.

With them comes unwanted change and we regret to announce that we are losing some of our good long term people who are moving on to other things.

Cindy Garnet-Rawding has been our General Manager for many years and is a great employee and an outstanding human being.  Much to our disappointment Cindy has decided to pursue other activities.

As noted in the most recent post to our website, we have secured the services of Shawn Muzzerall who has big (Little) shoes to fill 🙂 but will tackle the task with a great deal of energy and brings some great skills to the table!

Greg Cox has been our field manager and one of our longest serving employees but has been forced to retire due to an injury.  He will be missed.

Johanne Perrault has been our Receptionist/Secretary for several years and due to family issues will no longer be working at our office.  Filling the role of secretary receptionist at the office is Donna Lightfoot who has worked for many years in production and retail.

Susan Dingle will be no longer with us in the garden center.  Due to the downsizing of this operation.   We know that our customers will miss Susan a lot and we wish her well.

These have been super people and will be missed a great deal in our business.

Please stay tuned, we are looking forward to a busy year!



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