“The Time Has Come the Walrus Said….”

“The Time Has Come the Walrus Said….”

Where to Start!

More than 25 years ago we had a dream which was to become Springvale Nurseries.  For many years the business prospered.   It became the launch pad for our children’s careers and provided for the needs of our family.

But let me be the first to admit, the past few years have been tough for many of us in this industry and Springvale is no exception.  Many have closed their doors and/or gone bankrupt…..and this is sad.

I will not engage in a rant about why, but will say we have chosen to fight against the odds. I will also say that we are personally guilty of failing to respond to the signals in the market place.  There were times a few years ago that anyone with half a brain would have folded his tent.

I guess I listened to the wrong half of my brain!

Winston Churchill said “Never, Never, Never Surrender”.  And for better or for worse, this is the mantra we have followed.


”The Time Has Come…..”

So let me be both brief and straight with you, our friends, clients and fellow industry people.

Nancy has been retired for over 10 years since having two heart attacks.  I’d like to do so before I have one!

So here is our plan.

On July 14th, 2013 we will be closing our garden center doors and continuing with our tree business until we can find a buyer.  We cannot really fully retire until we have a succession plan for the company and its assets in place.

There is an opportunity for the right person to pick up where we plan to leave off.  We will help the right buyer get established (or not)…up to you!

As some of you may be aware, this year we along with our Daughter’s business, Bloom Greenhouses, have been planting hundreds of trees around HRM over the past few weeks.  This is one of the potential business models for Springvale and we have thousands of great trees in the ground needing a new owner!

Are you the one?

We welcome inquiries from interested parties and have a number of pretty creative ideas that we do not have the energy or time to develop.

People have asked: “Didn’t you close already?” 

Answer:  “We tried, but couldn’t close with such a large inventory of plants.”

The business needs youth, energy, intelligence and capital.   At this point I feel like I am Old, Tired , Stupid and Poor.  J  (this is supposed to be a joke).

On my birthday I will turn 65.  It’s time…!

So…next few weeks starting immediately Springvale is holding a:

“Grand Semi-Retirement Sale”

From Today to July 14th, last and final day, doors to the garden center close.

We are offering to the public all of our container stock at great discounts from 20% off to 75% off.

We still have roughly seven houses full of Roses, Perennials, Shrubs, Vines, Potted Trees, Standards and Fancies.

Right now the roses are awesome and so are many of the shrubs and perennials.

So please….Springvale is not “going out of business…or closing”….we are switching over to 100% tree production until we find a buyer for the business or its assets.

If you are looking for large trees, supplied and/or installed we got ‘em.

Buy one, Buy 10, or Buy them all!

Let’s talk!   Email me at paulg@springvalnurseries.com and I’ll be in touch with you PDQ!

Paul Grimm, Nancy Grimm



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