Thanksgiving 2013 – We Are Greatly Blessed!

Thanksgiving is always a time of reflection over the events of the year nearly passed.  We have so much to give thanks for and much to look forward to!

Family!  This is the most Blessed of Blessings.  Today on a beautiful fall day Nancy and I have shared some quiet time enjoying the view from our verandah and I even grabbed a little snooze.   Sweetie (our Westie) trots back and forth keeping an eye on the activities of the chickens that peck about for bugs in the afternoon warmth.  Sometimes we need to take time to see the “Sacred in the Ordinary”.  This was  just one of those days.

And yesterday we shared dinner with most of us who could make it to Sister Ruth Anne and John Greenough and their family.  Most of our extended family got there for the dinner except those who live too far to travel.  Mom and Dad get great joy in having so many of our family around them as we all catch up on each other’s activities and share some great Thanksgiving food.

Several new people have joined our family this past year.  First, niece Alex (Butler) Soares and her husband Elijah brought forth a new little redhead boy, Mason, born in June.    And…Talia Greeough our niece married Alex Pay in august.  And then in Early September, Our Cathy and her husband Dan Oulton celebrated the birth of their new son, Timothy.

These have been great and joyful events for all of us.  And we are thankful to be able to share these times with Mom and Dad.The Old Train Bridge

On Saturday afternoon we went on a hike on what used to be the North Mountain Line Railroad.  I can remember steam trains running on this when I was a kid.  It was used to move apples from the warehouses along the valley to market.  The picture with daughter, Sally and grandson, Ben O’Neill shows the old concrete culvert when we use to fish and swim when we were kids.  This was a trip back memory lane!

Business!  After several years of trying we have finally sold off our container stock and will be closing a chapter in the Springvale book.  Nancy and I are hoping that someone with youth an ambition will arrive on the scene and want to breathe new life into our business.   At this point we confess that our energy to continue is depleted.  Our plans are to discontinue most container product and close down our retail garden center.  Our Sept sales and subsequent auction have cleared out many thousands of plants with only a few left to clear out over the next week or so.

This will allow us to return to the part of the business I love best and back to our ‘Roots” so to speak….growing and installing big trees.  This enterprise has a lot of future promise for the right person.  With a rotation of over 30,000 trees still in production there is no end in sight to the opportunity in this region to grow and install large trees.  The sheer cost of freight alone to import from other regions coupled with the superiority of stock grown for Maritime conditions bodes for the long term future of this business.

Nancy and I are waiting patiently for the right person to show up on the scene and we will provide the opportunity and mentorship for the next few years if desired.  (Or we will walk away without a squeak if this is the wish of a new buyer!)

You, our clients!  As we have eased out of one part of our business we want to spread the word that we have an unbelievable selection and breadth of many species, cultivars and sizes of trees.  There are trees for any budget from 1 meter whips to 10” caliper specimens.

Red Sunset Maples

Red Sunset Maples

I have spent some time over the last few days walking among our trees taking fall inventory and it is amazing to see so many great trees in their resplendent fall color getting ready for their winter nap.

Over the next month or so we still have the opportunity to harvest and plant trees for you so why not give us a call?   There are trees available to meet any budget.  I love to take our clients on tours of our fields.

Thanks for listening and may the joy of the Thanksgiving season warm your heart as the earth begins to put itself to sleep for a few months!

Paul Grimm


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