Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
I am looking out my window this morning at the start of the super weather bomb. Not sure if it has a name but we sure don’t need it.

Take a deep breath! This too shall pass.



When spring arrives we will be mobilizing the troops and starting up Springvale Nurseries once again!

Same people, same place but a new business model for the coming season.

Over the years our favorite part of our business has been our Big Tree Production. This will be the focus of our attention over the next season and until we find a new buyer for our business.
With about 30,000 trees in production we have something for everyone.


Our window of time to harvest is very short and can’t start until the snow clears and the frost goes out of the ground. Usually this is about the first week of April, less than a week away and we’re into a freakin’ snowstorm!

Spring My A--

Patience…I tell myself! Spring will come and it can come fast and furious leaving little time for our harvest. We will be ready when it comes.

If you are thinking about trees for your home, business or recreational property, here are some ideas!


These are all things we have done and can do so call us for a site visit and our proposal.



  1. Plant one or more specimen and accent trees on your property. Just think what these will be in 20 years! We can plant trees for you from 2” to 10” in diameter. Instant landscaping or slow and steady, your choice.
  2. Looking for that ideal living fence? Over the past year we have planted several really nice boundary hedges. Instant privacy…Awesome! Your choices include various deciduous trees which can be pruned for density and make an awesome boundary hedge. Or…why not go with an evergreen (conifer) hedge of Colorado Select Blue Spruce, or one of the many Cedars we have to offer, including some that are already 10 – 12 feet in height!
  3. We still have a selection of roses in production which can also be an awesome hedge that will keep the neighbors kids out! Or can be planted as specimens. Our “True Bloom Roses’ on their own roots will never revert or root sucker. They stay true to name.
  4. Or how about one of many unique and individual specimens trees in our production? We have many “one of a kind” items that will provide instant impact! You have to see thee to understand what I mean!
  5. Landscapers or developers? Let us subcontract your design, supply and install jobs. That will leave your crews to do other work.
  6. Don’t want custom installation? No problem…we supply! Let us land the trees you want on your jobsite. We are happy to supply and install or just supply!
  7. Bed creation or other landscape plantings? Our staff can create the beds you want, supply and install the plants and do final mulching and cleanup. And, we also can provide seeding and sodding as required.

These are but a few of the possibilities offered for 2014 by Springvale Nurseries. Call us for a free consultation, quote or estimate or we will be delighted to host you for a field tour (once the snow goes!)


Paul H Grimm
PS: We have some other awesome news to share with you coming soon but will save this for another article!





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